Personalized services between South Korea and Europe

Tailored expertise

How to successfully enter a new market?

How to prepare your project for going abroad?

How to control the different parameters and constraints relative to the country of destination?

How to acquire the useful and necessary knowledge for the good implementation of your project?

How to build trust and sustainable business links in another country without being there?

How to manage and improve your relationship to customers while being thousands of kilometers away and on a different time zone?

How to develop and build a sustainable business abroad?

To all these questions, and others… we answer with tailored expertise for your project

Develop your business and your product/service abroad

Thanks to our team based in Seoul and Paris, we offer a broad range of services, in relation with export of products between South Korea and Europe.

While being on your side, on specific or global issues, we help you build your business offer abroad. 

We bring you real solutions to make your own product/service better known in Europe.

While collaborating with Les Françaises Consulting agency, your project benefits from our expertise in import/export, marketing and communication, management and HR, trading and retail. It benefits from our knowledge of the European countries and from our competent and talented people’s network. 

Drive your project to Europe with Les Françaises Consulting

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