Export South Korean products

Selection of inspired and inspiring products

Les Françaises Consulting love to find, discover products, services and new objects that are trendy, typical or atypical, aesthetic, creative, artsy, innovative, artisanal, of special design, modern or vintage inspiration, chic, glamour, casual, for women, men, children, cats, dogs, home, outdoor, etc…

We select products and services that have a strong potential to garner interest in the European markets. 

Made in South Korea

These products and services are chosen according to rigorous criteria of quality, respect for the environment, and authentic know-how.

All are designed and manufactured in South Korea, meet the required international and European standard and have the necessary certifications. 

Our agency, with its network of designers and manufacturers, can also make proposals to develop for your brand new ranges of unique and good quality products for European markets.

We, as Les Françaises Consulting agency, engage in humain and responsible collaborations with our South Korean and European partners. 

We have a shared desire to work together with all our partners in mutual respect and goodwill, in order to create true synergy.