Les Françaises Consulting

Two French women in Seoul

While one lives in Seoul with her family (Cristina), and the other makes a tourist stay (Sabrina), chance brought them together. They realize that they share the same passion for South Korea and its culture. As entrepreneurs, these two French women shared a creative vision and a common desire to connect Europe and South Korea.

The entrepreneurial adventure of two French women in Seoul had just begun, without warning …

Corée du Sud, Séoul, restaurant

The Korean Touch

Amidst Hangeul, BIBIMBAP, and kimchi, our project takes shape and are stimulated, boosted by the creative and entrepreneurial high-tech energy of South Korea. Both passionate about culture, art and crafts, we discover over time, through friendships and encounters, the vast treasures of Korea. Here we are struck and inspired by the Korean Touch of South Korean creators and designers: this unique and harmonious alliance of their cultural, artisanal and innovation traditions. 

From here and for all these reasons, the idea develops : in France and in Europe to showcase the South Koreans’ creative talents, and help them develop collaborations and partnerships. 

In this way, the adventure continues with Les Françaises Consulting

Les Françaises Consulting Seoul

Seoul, between palaces and high-tech, a source of inspiration

Together and in all weather, we are discovering Seoul, from neighborhoods’ highlights to small alleys. Insatiable to unlock the South Korean culture and to pierce its every secret and splendors …. We cross paths with many talented people of different backgrounds. New friendships are created…

We take advantage of the many unique and charming cafés in Seoul, savoring delicious beverages, such as omija tea or green tea latte, while exchanging on our latest finds and discoveries…

Sometimes, in parks and gardens, in the shade of palaces and temples, at the very heart of Korean history, we find another source of inspiration for our project. 

Corée du sud, Séoul, vue depuis Namsan

We also hike and the tops of the mountains around Seoul and the breathtaking views up there give us another prospective.

Paris France Europe

Link between our continents

An export and consulting agency in Seoul…

Our export and consulting agency is born in Seoul on a beautiful sunny day of November. We are inspired to foster the international export projects of our South Korean partners, designers, artists and manufacturers.

Les Françaises Consulting à Séoul

and Paris

To collaborate the best for the projects of our different Korean and European partners and customers, our agency is also present in Paris. 

Les Françaises Consulting créent des liens entre la Corée du sud et l'Europe

Create links

Our goal is to be a real link, a bridge, that promotes and facilitates different kinds of exchanges and activities for each of our partners. We connect these distant worlds, help them meet, discover and better know each other, their culture, creations and expertise. 

Cristina (in Seoul) + Sabrina (in Paris) =

Les Françaises Consulting!

Our skills

Les Françaises Consulting will tailor-design its services to advise and support companies on their export and promotion of product/service from South Korea to France and Europe. 

Because each project is unique, with specific parameters and challenges, we bring you unique services in the areas of strategy and management, import/export solutions, communication, marketing, management of your sales network, recruitment, etc…

With long experience in these fields in France, Europe and other global markets, we acknowledge the challenges and cultural differences you may encounter. 

Our agency provides you with the most appropriate and pragmatic answers to your project’s needs.

Because we enjoy it, and it is practical, we speak fluently in English, French, Spanish, Romanian and Korean. (Cristina is the polyglot of the team!)

Les Françaises Consulting =

Your new integrated project team,

In South Korea, France and Europe