Enter the European markets

Tailored support to reduce risk and maximize opportunities.

A. Opportunity Study

Wondering if your product or service has potential in Europe? Does it meet the needs and expectations of the new market?

Before you start any export process, we accompany you in the development of your project. This market analysis, designed by Les Françaises Consulting, will help you to validate your strategic directions.

B. Positioning

Your product/service has viable sales potential but there are some aspects of the new market you haven’t yet figure out ?

We help you to fill in the gaps and realize your project.

Our analysis will help you define which customers to target, how to determine sales prices and distribution channels.

In addition, depending on the country, we advise you on the communication and marketing strategy.

C. Export process

Exporting requires mastering various parameters.

Whether it is the regulation with which to be compliant, formalities to be completed or the shipping arrangements to be made, we accompany you at each stage of your export project.

Concrete and innovative solutions

In each European country targeted, we observe, listen, decipher the trends in order to bring you the most realistic analyses and the advice most relevant to the development of your project.

Flexible and responsive, we bring you advice and solutions according to a pragmatic, creative and innovative approach. 

We help you develop your product or service to its most accurate positioning in the European markets.

From Seoul or Paris, we also help you in the strategic development of your communication and brand awareness for the relevant market.

Stand out in Europe with Les Françaises Consulting!

Tools and solutions for your project in Europe

Sales Network

Find the best partners (agents, distributors) or points of sale for your product/service

Marketing and communication

Find the best ways, tools and solutions to increase your brand/product awareness


Help you negotiate with your local partners in Europe


Create a sustainable business in Europe while creating new opportunities and collaborations