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Women's yard, an independent Korean women's magazine

« Sisters’ Yard » an independent Korean women’s magazine

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« Sisters' Yard » an independent Korean women's magazine

It is the time when in Seoul we finally see the end of winter coming! Which is not to uplease us… We will very soon say bye bye to the cold, to the snow, while looking forward to hosting one of the most beautiful seasons of the year: Spring. Isn’t it every time a striking and beautiful show that nature offers us, the show of its rebirth? Seoul in this season, is not left out of it with its many parks and hiking trails. 

However, let’s not turn our back too quickly to this winter! Because it has been rich in encounters and beautiful Korean experiences. One of them was to cross paths with Juyeon, who publishes, since 2014, twice a year, « Sisters’ Yard » or «언니네마당», an independent and unique women’s magazine, really like no others…

This magazine occupies a singular place in the world of South Korean women’s press dominated, unsurprisingly, as everywhere else, by magazines dealing mainly with topics of beauty, fashion, cooking, interior decoration or celebrities.

Women's yard, an independent Korean women's magazine

Finally, a magazine that gives voice to South Korean women!

« Sisters’ Yard » is a magazine that really and finally talks about South Korean women. Who they are and what are their deep aspirations, but also what they experience and go through on a daily basis. It is a space of freedom of expression and speech, for those who have been deprived of it for so long. It is also a place of welcoming, listening, reflecting and sharing for many South Korean women, on topics of real and profound concern. 

It undeniably responds to a real need for the liberation of women’s speech and expression, while contributing to the evolution of their place in South Korean society. 

Thus, « Sisters’ Yard » allows us to discover exceptional women with equally exceptional stories and backgrounds. By taking them out of anonymity, by offering them an open and benevolent forum, we are given the opportunity to realize how far they are from being ordinary… It offers us a portrait of women striking, creating their lives and realizing their aspirations relentlessly, despite the too many obstacles that are growing in their path.

This magazine shares with us the intimacy of these everyday heroines, valiant, courageous and daring, in a patriarchal society ever more unfair and binding towards them.

« Sisters’ Yard » is the only independent South Korean magazine involved in the women’s cause. A pioneer of the genre in the land of the morning calm!

Women’s words!

Juyeon, the magazine‘s creator and editor-in-chief, brought together four women collaborators who like to present different ideas and points of view on topics as close as possible to the concerns of South Korean women.

Each issue is thematic, a kind of detailed special issue around a given topic. For example, one of the latest ones is about anxiety.

For anyone who knows South Korean society, anxiety is a topic of the utmost importance. However, it is new to consider it from a feminine approach. The magazine introduces us to the different forms of anxiety that South Korean women face, while offering advice and recommendations about how to deal with it, live with or get rid of it.

Women's yard, an independent Korean women's magazine

Excerpt from the interview of Jihae Lee, psychologist, by Juyeon Jung for « Sisters’ Yard » issue nr 12, <Anxiety, are you like me ?>

In general, many people are in a hurry in Korean society.

This is because they have already chosen their life reason and are convinced that they must live it up to scratch. They are convinced that they have to succeed, do, show, prove and influence people to the point they have set for themselves. They set ideal standards and try to meet them. As a result, they are in a hurry, always in a hurry. They always feel that they need to do something, that they need to meet more people or that they need to travel more, see more. They feel compulsive.

If we think about it, we Koreans have never learned to take our time. We always have to get up quickly, from an early age, eat fast, hurry to school, do our homework quickly and even fall asleep quickly. We are used to having to take the next step as soon as a stage is completed. We program our lives non-stop and do not accept wasting our time by making mistakes or being inefficient to achieve our goals. But a perfect life without mistakes or faults is nothing but an illusion. Humans cannot live by showing only good appearances.

If you would like to learn more about « Sisters’ Yard » you can read in Korean on their blog <언니네마당>.

Korean Traditionnal Dance

Chuseok: a Korean tradition

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What is Chuseok?

It’s impossible to talk about Korean culture and traditions without dwelling on one of the most important festivals of the year: Chuseok.

This holiday is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, the day when the full moon is supposed to be the largest and most visible. Thus, this event takes place every year in September or October according to the lunar calendar and all Koreans take for the occasion an extended weekend or even a holiday.

In general, Koreans return to their respective families, creating a real exodus where everyone returns to their hometowns.

The traffic jams are impressive, most leaving the Seoul metropolis to go to the provinces.  Public transport to travel in the country is full, booked months in advance. Some, on the other hand, choose to go abroad, making Chuseok a busy tourist season.

It should be noted that this celebration is not religious and is observed by the entire population regardless of their denomination. Chuseok’s history is linked to the country’s agricultural heritage. This is why Chuseok is named harvest or harvest festival and has been celebrated for over a century since Joseon dynasty. Even today, several rituals will be recreated by each Korean household.

What are the Koreans doing at this party?

The Charye is one of the commemorative rites that Koreans perform. Performed in the morning, Charye’s ceremony consists of placing various tribute foods in an arrangement on a table before making a prayer. In general, rice is placed at the north end of the table, fruits and vegetables at the southern end, meat at the west end and rice-based cakes and drinks at the east end. The Charye rite pays tribute to the last four generations and calls for the protection of their spirit for the future. Once completed, relatives can visit the missing by going to their graves to clean it up. This practice is considered a duty, it is called Seongmyo.

During the festivities, food plays an important role. Families must prepare rice cakes called Songpyeon and dishes from the Charye. Songpyeon is a sweet rice cake that can be enjoyed as a snack or dessert. It is made from rice powder made from rice powder stuffed with sesame seeds, red beans, chestnuts and other stuffings that vary from region to region. The songpyeon is steamed and covered with pine needles for a fresh scent. During the Chuseok period, South Koreans also drink rice alcohol with friends and family.

Koreans play a variety of folk games and entertainment. The two most famous dances on this occasion are talchum and ganggangsullae. Talchum is a Korean mask dance, while ganggangsullae is a dance circle. During the circle dance, the women are dressed in traditional clothes called hanboks.


Chuseok is also celebrated in Seoul!

Chuseok in Seoul is also a special moment because the capital is emptying dramatically. Nevertheless, the families who stay in Seoul to celebrate are not left out: the majority of national monuments remain open to the public and admission is free for the occasion. The palaces are filled with Koreans who have come to celebrate the arrival of the fall, some of whom wear the famous hanbok.

Finally, it should be noted that the majority of shops and restaurants are closed. However, there are still many activities, tours and walks to do and it is an opportunity for tourists and expatriates to soak up the family atmosphere that prevails then in Seoul, which is not found the rest of the year.

From Seoul, for Les Françaises Consulting, Emilie.

Hanyang University Conference

Les Françaises Consulting at Hanyang University!

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Hanyang University, “2019 Global Accelerators Conference – Startup Pitch”

For the 80th anniversary of Hanyang University, Les Françaises Consulting participated as an international partner in the 2019 Global Accelerators Conference – Startup Pitch, from May 30th to 31st.

Hanyang University

Hanyang University was founded in 1939 as an Institute of Technology. It was created thanks to the strong conviction of its founder, Kim Lyun-Joon. He rightly believed that education would be one way of rebuilding Korea after the Japanese occupation and preparing for the country’s future. Upon the country’s liberation in 1945, the institute became the first university of technology and settled in Wangsimni, Seoul, and then in 1953 in Haengdang-dong, Seoul. Hanyang is constantly trying to evolve to meet the demands of the 21st century.

The event

Hanyang University actively supports and supports Korean start-ups in the implementation of their projects, especially internationally. During the conference, 11 foreign partners were invited to share their experiences to Korean students and entrepreneurs. Honored to have been invited to such an event, Les Françaises Consulting would like to share some details of two interesting days and enriching encounters!

DAY 1: Mentoring Sessions – Conference, Hanyang University

Les Françaises Consulting met with Korean start-ups during individual mentoring sessions to advise them about the implementation of their export project. The diversity of the start-ups and the concepts proposed illustrate once again the richness of the Korean entrepreneurial ecosystem. Koreans are innovative and they let us know!

At the conference that followed, Cristina, CEO of Les Françaises Consulting, shared, alongside other foreign partners from Europe and North America, the current trends and challenges of international markets. The proper preparation of projects remains key before launching them on a new market!

The foreign partners present at the conference signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of Hanyang. Les Françaises Consulting hope this will be the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration for the development of Korean start-ups abroad.

DAY 2: Seoul Centre for Creative Economy and Innovation (CCEI) – Seoul Business Agency (SBA)

The Centre for Creative Economy and Innovation (CCEI) in Seoul is another space dedicated to start-ups in Seoul. During their visit on May 31st, Les Françaises Consulting participated in a roundtable with representatives of South Korean organizations such as the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), highlighting the support they could provide to Korean start-ups. An export project to Europe can only be achieved after being carefully thought out and fully integrated. By accompanying entrepreneurs wishing to export their services and products to France and Europe, Les Françaises Consulting help them to better know these markets and prepare their export project.

Les Françaises Consulting visited the Seoul Business Agency (SBA) premises. The South Korean government, through partnerships and structures and incubators such as SBA, is proving its active support to start-ups for the entry into foreign markets overseas!

MOU’s were signed as well with CCEI and SBA.

For more information, see the article on this event on the Hanyang University website.

– From Seoul for Les Françaises Consulting, Sarah –

2019 Hanyang University Conference
Les Françaises Consulting Conférence Université d'Hanyang 한양대학교
2019 Conference Hanyang University Global Partners

How I spent New Year’s Eve in Seoul… Champagne, Foie Gras, Hanok Bar, King Cats and Hiking!

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It is my first New Year’s Eve in Seoul.

If for New Year’s Eve you are in Seoul, away from family and friends, you have to reinvent yourself, forget about the Rabelaisian meals and the confetti. Without any particular expectation, or elaborated culinary recipes to prepare, this New Year’s Eve has become a totally improvised evening … And yes, it is in Seoul, that we’re brought to do things that we would never have imagined…. That’s the charm of this city!

New Year in Seoul, view of Inwangsan
SEOUL, view from Inwangsan

New Year’s Eve meal

First of all, you just need to be in very good company, with whom to share these great moments… Secondly, festivities require of course to find some foie gras and champagne, leftover from Christmas (thanks to Sali à Séoul), accompanied with fresh sushi and delicious macaroons from Pâtisserie B.

While listening to some good music, here we are talking again about changing the world and about the past year. In a final goodbye, we thank the year 2018 for all that it has brought to us…

and Hanok

Then, the celebrations continue by pushing the door of a cocktail bar, Abyss Bar, unique and intimate, in a beautiful setting of an old Hanok, “only in Korea” style. Sitting at the bar, here we are waiting for the twelve strokes of midnight. In a cozy and convivial atmosphere, people share and exchange among themselves, on how to address their good-year wishes in Korean, English and French. From all around the world!

But the real star of the evening is IRO, the beautiful stray cat enthroned majestically on the bar.  As such, he is even entitled to drink water in a cup with his hame on it! He seems the undisputed master of the place. The bar belongs to him and is his favorite playground. He likes rushing on the bar, straight to your glass to catch the spoon while you stir your cocktail. 

It was the first time I went to this Hanok Bar, and yet IRO seemed familiar… I had the very clear impression that I had seen him somewhere before. The helpful bartenders were able to tell me more! And what was my surprise to discover that he is probably the brother of the twin cats regularly seen in front of the neighborhood’s Japanese restaurant. 

These same cats I had taken a picture of, a year earlier, while they were nicely waiting at the entrance of the restaurant. And guess what? It is this same photo, which is now used to illustrate one of our website’s pages. Are these cat siblings the Kings of the neighborhood? They seem very much appreciated by neighbours, who take good care of them. 

We can now hear midnight’s sounds, but we haven’t really finished yet. We still have one more thing to do in order to welcome the New Year.

The first sunrise of 2019

A few hours later, 6:30 AM and -10°C. Year 2019 celebrations continue, but now according to a well-known Korean tradition. Motivated and proud to have not given up to the call of a warm and comfy bed, we left home to chase the first rays of sunshine of 2019, from the peaks of Inwangsan – one of the mountains that overlook the city of Seoul. During our ascent, we walk side by side with the many Koreans who came with family or friends.

Indeed, for Koreans, the solar year begins with the first sun rays too, when they say all the wishes of good health, prosperity and success for the New Year.

The sunrise over Seoul, January 1st, 2019

After two hours walking, we are back in town, ready to enjoy a hot tea in one of the many cafes that Seoul has. Having celebrated New Year’s Day in Seoul was a unique and exceptional moment that made me want to share it with you.

All our wishes for health, prosperity and success for 2019!

From Seoul, on behalf of Les Françaises Consulting, Cristina


Seoul Christmas Festival 2018

Seoul and its Christmas lights

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On the occasion of Christmas and year-end celebrations, Seoul is adorned with its finest attire. The city amazes us with amazing decorations and illuminations for the circumstances. Between tradition and modernity, in the shade of skyscrapers, we are charmed by this magnificent and bright show which reflects wonderfully in the waters of the Cheonggyeoncheon, under the gaze of the visitors.
Les Françaises Consulting show you the city of Seoul under the lights of the end of the year celebrations. For more information about Seoul Christmas Festival (서울 크리스마스 페스티벌) follow this link.


Sunrise over Seoul

A new day starts in Seoul

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Sunrise over Seoul

Seoul, it’s september

In Seoul, the weather is less hot these days. You can afford the luxury of a morning hike in the city’s mountains. So, let us show you what the sunrise looks like over the city of Seoul.

Certainly days are all different. Today we were greeted by an explosion of colors. Amazing! Enjoy it with us. Ahead comes the show.

The photos are taken from Inwangsan.

Séoul, Corée du Sud
Seoul, South Korea
Séoul, Corée du Sud
Lotus lantern festival

The lotus lantern festival

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Lotus lantern festival

The lotus lantern festival in Seoul

A festivity high in colors and illuminations.

For an evening, the congregations of the various Buddhist temples of South Korea parade in the centre of Seoul, in music, carrying and pulling illuminated lanterns representing Buddhist traditional characters. It’s the Lotus Lantern Festival.

Enchanted nights along the Cheonggyecheon river…

Moreover, for 10 days, for the happiness of the visitors strolling there, lanterns are arranged on the river Cheonggyecheon. This year the lanterns were cheerful and playful.

To find out more about this annual event, read this presentation.

Lotus lantern festival